Here I am with model Dillion Arnold and his furry friends Gismo and Ginger.  Yes, Gismo is posing on his shoulder and Ginger in hand!  LIVE!!! 

about  ANIMALS



No other artist sees the world exactly the same as I do or feels what I feel—that story is my undertaking to tell.  When I become brave enough to paint what is inside of me, another dimension comes through in my work.   

For example, when my model Dillion Arnold (photo above) brought his two guinea pigs, Gizmo and Ginger to pose along with him, I totally forgot I had never painted those little creatures before, and it seemed perfectly natural.  Dillion's friendship with his pets gave that extra dimension to my painting,  In this case, we planned and placed where our furry friends would be, and then let them eat and rest while we painted Dillion.  When it was their time to be painted, Dillion gathered them up, and I painted quickly, but carefully and with as much skill as possible.