Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there a workshop scheduled for my area?

A. At this time I am devoting all my time to creating the future!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I will be part of a master group exhibition curated by Kristen Thies of West Wind Fine Art at the end of this year, and my solo show in 2015. I will keep everyone posted.


Q. What other supplies do you prefer?

"WHITE DRESSES"   sold  30" x 24"  oil  1992

A. Canvas:  The best is by making my own canvas and boards with Richard Schmid's formula.  I call it the Superman Surface, the Surface of Power -- "I can do anything".  Making this surface is told by Katie Swatland in her upcoming book "Alla Prima II Companion, Richard Schmid's Materials, Tools and Techniques".  Coming soon!  For more information visit:

Also New Traditions Art Panels makes a line of lead-primed linen that I like, L600. I purchase it by the roll, and stretch it myself, and also order it adhered to a board made of birch.

Brushes:  Rosemary & Co.  I consider these the finest brushes available to artists today, and I use mostly long flats, filberts, and rounds, in the Mongoose and bristles series’, and in all sizes available.

Easel & Palette: I like the old fashioned wooden french easels.  I make my portable palette with plexiglass -- size 14 x 22 because this size fits in my suitcase.  I cut sturdy cardboard the same size and spray glue a piece neutral gray paper to it.  Imported to choose a helpful neutral gray color.  Then I tape the plexiglass and cardboard (with the neuteral gray paper in-between) around the edges.

Paper-towels:  Viva!

Paint Colors:  click here -- MY COLORS  


"VERMONT SUMMER"   sold   11" x 14"   oil  2004

Q. What is your lighting in your studio?

A. I have four large north-facing windows.  North light  provides the most consistent daylight because the sunlight stays in the southern sky.  The cool temperature of the light provides me with warm shadows which can be rich in color and nice in harmony.  When this situation isn’t a possibility, 5500 kelvin-temperature fluorescent bulbs work well to duplicate this temperature of the preferred natural light.


Q. Do you create with other mediums?

A. I love to draw.  When drawing at a playground, in a restaurant, my cats, or in front of the television I use pencils (love the brand Tombow), kneaded eraser, sharpener and a smooth surface sketch pad.  When using charcoal for my more finished artworks I use Windsor & Newton vine charcoal with a smooth texture paper usually Strathmore or something similar.  


Q. Do you take commissions?

A. I accept one a year.  The subject is always a child (or children) along with some kind of theme or fairytale. 
For more information contact Kristen Thies at her gallery:   or call 508 566-9463.


Q. Do you have DVDs?

"HARVEST FEAST"   resale   40" X 30"   oil

A.   AN AFTERNOON WITH NANCY created by Richard Schmid.  Here is the description:  originally given at Landmark College in Vermont as a presentation of the art of NANCY GUZIK, this brilliant show, spanning the past twenty years, of still life, children, people, animals, and special friends, is delightfully narrated by Nancy as she shares her inspiration and artistic techniques and takes questions. Special features include a captivating interview with Nancy by Richard Schmid.  For more information and to purchase visit:

Q. Have you been published in any magazines?

A. Just about all the major art magazines have featured my work (even Pratique des Arts--French). 

Q. Do you offer personal courses or private critiquing sessions with artists, in person or via the internet?

A. Not at this time.

Q. What book/s would you recommend?

A. “Alla Prima II: Everything I Know About Painting” by Richard Schmid. I recommend his book to artists and art lovers.  I also recommend Richard's other books and DVDs.  Great for both beginners and advanced.  For more information visit:

Q. Where can I see more of your work?

A.  KRISTEN THIES' gallery at West Wind Fine Art.
Kristen and myself welcome you to visit:

"SAMANTHA"    sold   14" x 11"   oil   2012

Q. Do you sell directly through your studio?

A. Kristen Thies and her gallery, West Wind Fine Art, is the finest in the world.  She is top quality, powerfully honest, friendly and loves the arts.  She is both loyal to her collectors and to me, plus she promotes what I do with enthusiasm.  I like to say that Kristen and I are on a mission together to promote beauty and joy in this world.  You will enjoy, trust and cherish her expertise because she has been curating Fine Art Collections with Integrity since 1998.  For more information please visit Kristen's Blog:   My Life with the



Q. How much knowledge does an artist really need?

A. I like to answer this question with an Albert Einstein quote:

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein

    I agree with this beautiful quote.  However, I try not to be confused about the knowledge part, because Albert had great expertise in Physics and Mathematics, a lot of knowledge.  He could not have done what he did without mastery in those sciences.  Definitely, I believe imagination is required too.  Without imagination, my art does not go anywhere; it remains simply factual and competent.  With imagination my knowledge takes flight and gives deep meaning both to what I know and what is in the realm of possibilities. 
 Imagination, creativity, inspiration, awareness, ideas and vision should always be our guardian angels.  These are the tools to say what is in our hearts.


"PEONY HARMONY"    sold   20" x 16"   oil   2008

Gratitude to those who have paved the way for us, to mention a few:

Ilya Repin
John Singer Sargent
Valentin Serov
Anders Zorn
Antonio Mancini
Emile Friant
Abbott Thayer
Cecilia Beaux
Joaquin Sorolla


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  
Albert Einstein